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5 Tips For The Perfect Newborn Photography

5 Tips For The Perfect Newborn Photography

Newborn  photography is a art of its own kind. It’s important you keep it simple, meaningful and filled with emotions. As a newborn photographer, capturing the right moment is all that takes to create the perfect picture. Our 5 step approach is aimed to create the perfect and hassle-free newborn photo shoot 

Tip #1: Understand Parent’s Expectation

There are two different kinds of newborn photography, posed and lifestyle choices. Finding out what the clients have in mind is crucial to plan the entire photoshoot. Posed photoshoots are where you set up themes and costumes to create a perfect setup for the photoshoot whereas lifestyle pictures are a more natural kind of shoot which only requires the perfect timing to capture the various aspect of the baby’s life. 

If the clients choose a posed photoshoot, its essential you do it in a studio where you have an access to various props. The safety of the baby is important, so ensure to have baby is flat and well balanced surface. The perfect time to conduct this shoot will be during the first 2 weeks as its easy to get the baby to pose for photographs the way you need them too.  


If the client chooses a lifestyle choice of photography, then you need to take the casual approach and head over to the client's home to set up the shoot. The focus should be on how the family interacts with the baby and well you can capture the best moment between the parent and the child. This photoshoot need not require the child to be still and could be conducted upto the first 6 weeks of the baby’s life. 


I would advise you to create a mixture of both kinds of shoot to bring out various flavours in the newborn photography album. 

Tip #2: Finding The Right Time To Photograph The Baby

Baby care is an unpredictable experience and being new parents,  its essential that everyone is in the right mindset to host the photography session. Avoid days when baby or the mom is sick to ensure a smooth session. Find about the baby’s sleep schedule to plan various kinds of shot. The best way to ensure you get pictures in all different angle of the baby is to go when baby is asleep and wait till they are up and well fed to continue the session. This way, you can get all different kinds of shop like the baby sleeping, being fed, as well as up and bright eyed. Time each session to last from 1 to 2 hours to give the family the necessary break needed to cope up. 

Tip #3: Trust The Baby

Let the baby be your inspiration and don’t sweat too much waiting for the right shot. Babies are really cute at whatever they do and finding the right moment is all that’s needed to capture the right picture.

Tip #4: Get Everyone In Front Of The Camera

Even though most parents, especially mums, are not keen to get into the frame, its mandatory you coerce them to pose. They will thank you for it later. Including siblings, if any, to the photoshoot is a great way to get them to bond and create wonderful memories. Make this photoshoot a family event to remember for life.  


Tip #5: Using The Right Aperture And Lens

If you are new to newborn photography, you should shy away from wide angle shots like f/1.2 and f/1.4. The baby’s pose is going to be in various angle and to click the perfect picture you need to work on the depth of the field and sharpness by shooting with f/2 and f/2.2. Also, when the baby is sleeping, knock yourself crazy with macro lens and start clicking pictures of  baby’s toes, their funny expressions, etc. 


Newborn photography is truly an art as each and every picture will make you wonder what was going in on the baby’s mind. But, if you think the toughest part of the newborn photography is over, then you are wrong. Each and every picture needs to be edited in photoshop to bring out the essential element of each moment you wanted to capture.

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