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Top 5 Wedding Photography Tips For Budding Photographers

Top 5 Wedding Photography Tips For Budding Photographers

Wedding photography can be a tough task when you are starting out. The bride and groom are expecting you to document their most important day, it’s a lot of pressure, I know. You should be on your toes ready to capture all the precious moments to help them create wonderful memories in the future. 

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If you are just starting off, these tips will be of great aid in helping you get prepared for your first real shoot.

Tip #1: Practice makes perfect

Unlike other photography, wedding photography is pretty hard as you cannot stage your canvas. The photographer must be ready to capture the precious moments to help freeze memories. If you stumble for a moment, you can lose the perfect shop and this motivates most wedding photographers to keep clicking at most random things hoping to not miss out on anything.

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We would suggest you recreate wedding scenes with the help of your family or friends are create a mock photo shoot. You can also train yourself to focus on people by trying to shoot people in the metro or road. This practice will help you capture the most blurriest wedding moments in a flash. 

Tip #2: Be Prepared

Its essential you have all the necessary equipments to whip out when needed. Even the best photographer would have their smartphone at their disposal to whip out and take some quick snaps. These help in covering your bases when you don’t have an access to your camera. So, ensure you have

  1. You favorite DSLR
  2. Lens
  3. Lens Cleaning Cloth
  4. Secondary Camera Lenses
  5. Spare Batteries
  6. Flash
  7. Spare memory cards
  8. Smartphone

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This will help you be prepared at your worst hour. The worst case scenario, you Drop your lens or your flash, you need something prepared and up your sleeve to ensure you cover the wedding scene efficiently. 

Tip #3: Build A Rapport With The Bride And Groom

A successful wedding photographer will not only be a pro at taking photographs, but also excel at being a people’s person. Its essential that they drive the show by making people laugh, talking to everyone as well as putting on a good show. The bride and groom should call out to you to ensure you capture the moments they cherish, it’s the only way you can win their hearts.

A pre-wedding shoot is the best way to gauge to couple as well as build a relationship with the new couples.

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Tip #4: Cover The Basic Shots

There could be a gazillion themed weddings, but the classic remains the same. All couples want certain shots to be added to their wedding albums. 

Ensure you capture the following shots of the bride:

  • Wedding gown
  • Putting on the veil, 
  • Last single shot with her friends
  • Looking at a distant
  • Looking down while entering the aisle

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Ensure you capture the following shots of the groom:

  • Getting dressed
  • Looking smart in his suit
  • Friends helping him with the vest
  • Walking like ramp walk models
  • Doing silly things as single men

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Most of all don’t forget the perfect wedding ring photoshoot that reflects the personality of the couple. The list is endless, but ensure you capture the smallest of details to help put up a perfect wedding picture on their wall. 

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Tip #5: Try To Assist Wedding Photoshoots

Wedding happens only once for most people and it’s only fair that photographers get it right the first time. The first kiss, the first look, the first promise, everything is important as the memory will be cherished forever. For plenty of marriages, their wedding album is the first thing they reach out to after a big fight. It’s the memories and the promises that makes them fight all odds together and come out as a happy couple. 

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So, try to assist a dozen wedding photo shoot before you start out on your own. This will help you get prepared for the worst and help the couple create happy memories. But do remember, it’s not easy to get assist roles, but work your charm and be helpful to ensure you build a rapport with your mentor. Most photographers will be happy to help, so scale the scenario and ask the right questions to improve your wedding photography skills.

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