Run away fast!

Unfortunately, the photographers I usually work with were unavailable on the ONE day all my grandkids were available for a photo shoot. I bought a Groupon under the Scott Breen Name and Mark Noble took my call. We set a date and time, and I called and talked to him on at least 4 different occasions. Not once on those phone calls did he mention he was no longer in his studio and the address printed on the Groupon. Getting 6 kids from babies, toddlers to teens in coordinated outfits and to the studio was no easy feat. AND MARK NOBLE NEVER SHOWED UP!!! There we were in his studio all ready to go and NO PHOTOGRAPHER! A former partner came and eventually called him and he simply said "sorry I forgot to tell you I have moved". His new location was an hour away! The former (wonder why he left his association with this idiot?) associate eventually took a few dozen photos with his IPhone. This was SO DISAPPOINTING!!!! The man must be crazy. Seriously DON'T trust him!

Submitted by Jennifer West on Saturday, Aug 12, 2017

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